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  • Be the change you want to see! Join us, to share, learn and inspire. Our generation, everyone alive today, has great challenges and we can solve them by working together. The Generation Regeneration summit has more than 20 speakers who are living regenerative lives and who want to share with you their knowledge. Showcasing a variety of techniques like Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, sustainable communities, urban gardening, ecosystem conservation, breath work, spirituality from the heart of the world plus much more, this summit will help you jump start your regenerative adventure.

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    Jan 31st-Feb 2, 2021

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    Generation Regeneration.

    What is the definition of regeneration? To be formed or created again, spiritually reborn or converted, restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state. Being sustainable is not enough to fix the problems that mankind has created. We have to go further. We have to regenerate.  

    In this summit we will be speaking with members of our global community who are leaders in regeneration. Leaders of land and soil regeneration, leaders who assist in transforming limiting belief systems, leaders with practical solutions in a challenging world.

    You will have the opportunity to listen, interact and share with leaders. Today's students are tomorrows leaders. Our world is facing multiple challenges, from climate change to systemic racism and poverty. We need to have open discussions and decide on actionable events, so we can co-create a regenerative world that supports everyone as an equal stakeholder

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    Who are some of our summit presenters?

    Geoff Lawton Regeneration Generation Summit

    Geoff Lawton

    Geoff, is a world-famous Permaculture designer and educator. He has literally greened the desert in Jordan. An amazing inspiration and knowledge in the regenerative world.

    Morag Gamble Generation Regeneration Summit

    Morag Gamble

    Morag is an Australian Permaculture designer and youth activist. Morag is an extremely active Permaculture designer and teacher with many years experience teaching and designing across the globe. 

    Mamo Lorenzo

    Mamo Lorenzo is a spiritual leader from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, indigenous tribe named the Wiwa. His mission is to heal the world and teaches people how to connect and help clean up!

    David Picard

    David is a professional hypnotherapist , he helps transform peoples lives at a subconscious level, that they can use at a conscious level. He now specialises in regenerative trance therapy called wada, which means love, he uses reggae music.

    Aviram Rozin

    Aviram is the founder of Sadhana Forest.  Sadhana forest first opened in India in 2004, since then they have expanded and now have projects in Kenya and Haiti. Aviram has created an organisation that grows trees and people.

    Catalina Rojas

    Catalina (Punky) lives in Bali and uses breathing techniques to help transform her students, often during the sessions people will have visions even remembering their own birth. 

    Jono Petrohilos

    Jono, is an award winning fitness coach and online marketing genius. Jono will be sharing some of his secrets to help you successfully launch your regenerative online business. 

    Pungky Nanda Pratama

    Pungky,lives in Sumatra Indonesia. He is involved in education and conservation. He using photography to show the world his beautiful country and help educate his local brothers to preserve what they have.

    Chris Hill

    Chris, runs a permaculture farm in Colombia, Finca Sin Fronteras. For many years he travelled as a DJ with his truck and learned many amazing skills to survive off grid. Chris will be showing us how to build an off grid solar power system.

    Marie-Pierre Bilodeau 

    MP has projects in East Africa helping find local solutions for orphanages by creating local gardens where the kids can help grow their own food. MP is also setting up a food forest in Vancouver 

    Sandrine Girardeau

    Sandrine has been a personal development coach for many years. She specialises in removing limiting belief systems that are stopping transformation. She will help bring your thoughts to a new dimension.

    Ben Missimer

    Ben is a designer who specializes in digital illustration and cartography. He uses drone, satellite and LiDAR data to attain imagery and conduct a detailed analysis of the topography and hydrology of landscapes.

    Mathew Cook

    Matthew is the co-founder of a new funding and innovation platform designed to support regenerative projects and companies committed to facilitating positive change in the world. He does this by connecting project owners with the all of the resources required to ensure success.

    Looby Macnamara

    Looby Macnamara is author of Cultural Emergence, People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. She has been an active member of the permaculture community and teacher for over 20 years. She co-founded and lives at Applewood Permaculture Centre in the UK. 

    Nico Gemio

    Nico Gemio President of the Spanish youth association of urban gardening. Nico has a background in politics and was awarded a PDC in 2014 in Germany with Warren Brush “Changing the world through urban gardening”

    Bjorn De Boek

    Bjorn  a former ship captain now lives in the Colombian Jungle on his 200 Hectare nature reserve. He makes cheeses and yoghurts, He has been passionate about Compost toilets and has developed his own designs that are beautiful and nice to use.

    Michael Hoag

    Manager/teacher/gardener/author/ designer/consultant. He has spent over 20 years as a full-time worker in the army of Permaculture change-makers. A full-time Permaculture designer and consultant who has participated in over 300 projects. He has worked on farms of all sizes, worked with food justice organizations, colleges and universities, and environmental organizations including the Sierra Club, and PIRGIM.  


    Selina of the Maasai tribe in Kenya, is the first woman in her household to be educated. She is on a mission to change parts of her culture that are damaging to the lives of women in her tribe.  She is also teaching permaculture techniques to the local people so that they may grow some of their vegetables rather than being reliant on outside sources.

    Hosted by Russell Manning

    Russell, is passionate about our planet. He lives in Colombia on his farm and permaculture school, named Love Grows. He knows that we can change things and our behaviours to regenerate our amazing planet. His big why is "If I don't, who will?" We are all capable of greatness, we are all capable of change. Let's co-create a beautiful planet that the next generations will also be able to enjoy. You are beautiful and your are great. 

    Russell Manning Generation Regeneration

    Love, goodwill and passion that is what caught my heart during Russ' courses. Those moments in life when a seed is being planted into your soul and just gets growing. It felt like someone showed me the true colour of life. It was so simple and yet powerful at the same time. Thank you Russ for this enlightenment, enabling to make Permaculture a part of my life.



    Thanks Russ. I'm currently in Geffen, The Netherlands. Jeske and I are long term volunteers on a 'nature farm'. Coming months we're going to plant over 2500 trees here, mainly species with edible parts. I can honestly say that our stay at Love Grows inspired us to make this step, so thank you for that! I still have your permaculture lessons in my mind with the choices that I make here every day. And the talks with Sandrine resonate in our heads and helped us to make choices based on our feelings, even 1,5 years after our visit. I still follow you guys with everything you post. Please continue with inspiring people, like you did to us.

    Freek Kusters


    I had the opportunity to receive an introduction to Permaculture principles by Russ. It was really amazing as it gave me the opportunity to consider new ideas and concepts. Russ is a great teacher. He is extremely knowledge, explains concepts really clearly with lots of practical examples! It was a very interesting training, that I recommend to anyone with interest In nature and wanting to question our current lifestyle! Thank you Russ !!!

    Ka Tharina


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