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Ever wondered what Permaculture is, and how it can help you?

Do you want to grow healthy fruits and vegetables in your backyard?

Would you love to design a sustainable house and give the architect some starting points?, or Ever thought about reforesting some local land to help stop climate change.

Would you like to know how to protect and store your own clean water?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions and many more then you are in the right place.

If you are just getting started and still wondering what on earth Permaculture is then start off with my FREE mini video course which will walk you through the basics of permaculture design to help you to make better decisions in your home and garden, that will save you time and money and increase your health.

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If you already understand the benefits of Permaculture and would like to get started but not really sure if you have the time or money for a long expensive Permaculture course, then happy days you are in the right place. As a small farm owner and homesteader I knew what it meant to be short on time and tight on budget which is why I developed a video course for those who want to get started with Permaculture and get all the benefits quickly and without it costing an arm and a leg, even if its just a chicken leg!

If I can show you a risk free way to try my course and see if its what your looking for to get your Permaculture dreams into reality would you grab it? Do I hear a YES, great, then click the button below and it will take you to the course page with more info.

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My name is Russell, originally born in the UK, I now live in Colombia on my farm teaching Permaculture to my visitors. My passion is to help people achieve their dreams and leave them empowered and ready to get started and take action fully loaded with new skills and knowledge. 

When we turn on the television it can be a little bit overwhelming and pessimistic. The truth is, yes we do have problems and we should take action to change because if we don't then the future looks pretty bleak. What Permaculture gives us is a method to act that if we follow it and put parts into action into each of our lives we can live very productive happy lives making a positive change to the world and leaving something good for the generations coming after us, that's what its all about right?

  • Save money and time, in your home and garden.

  • Understand the problems of our current food system.

  • Learn how to easily grow healthy food in your own garden.

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