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Are you concerned with all the chemicals sprayed on your food?

"You are what you eat." Our food is often heavily sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals, before making its way to our supermarkets. How many illnesses are related to the type of food we consume and the chemicals used to grow it? The only way to be certain about what your food contains is to grow it yourself or support local farmers that you trust.

This mini video course will walk you through the basics of permaculture design to help you to make better decisions in your home and garden, that will save you time and money and increase your health.

Watch this free mini course, it will give you an insight into what Permaculture is and how you can use it in your life.

Clear information about Permaculture and its solutions to many of the problems we face in our daily lives.

Gain ideas of how you can use Permaculture design in your life.

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  • Save money and time, in your home and garden.

  • Understand the problems of our current food system.

  • Learn how to easily grow healthy food in your own garden.

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Helped me to understand what Permaculture is and how it could benefit me.

Freek Kluster- Gardener

Russ makes Permaculture accessible to all levels of knowledge. A great free resource

Paul- Proffesional Dancer

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